coolDC Innovation in Data Centre provision

Established in 2017, coolDC offers a step change in how data centres are designed, built and operate. Our aim is to reimagine negative perceptions of the industry by designing and building data centres that ameliorate some of the adverse environmental consequences associated with the digitalisation of everyday life.

Acknowledging concerns about the physical, energy and carbon footprint of the burgeoning number of data centres required to keep up with the demand for digital storage and processing, coolDC is committed to designing data centres which foreground environmental sustainability and are built to European Code of Conduct Best Practices.

As an operator, our range of services offer peace of mind concerning some of the most pressing concerns faced by businesses large and small: business continuity, compliance, high performance and high-speed processing.

coolDC Services

coolDC offers a range of services – from design and build, through to fully managed service packages – that will take the headache out of ensuring that your business has a secure and compliant IT infrastructure.

With the help of trusted partners, coolDC has created an ‘ecosystem’ of IT business process solutions. Through this, we can deliver a flexible portfolio of high quality, managed solutions and services that can support business critical systems, while simultaneously facilitating cost-effectiveness and enhancing productivity.

coolDC Partners & Suppliers

We have put together a team of industry leading partners and suppliers who share our vision of creating more environmentally sustainable data centres.

Rather than working in silos, we have developed a collaborative approach in encouraging each other to push the boundaries of innovation, enabling us to deliver bespoke solutions to meet clients’ business requirements.