coolDC Innovation in Data Centre provision

If conventional Data Centre models revolve around the idea of generating power to provide data storage and business solutions exclusively for the corporate and public sectors, coolDC offers more than just a ‘Data Centre’. coolDC offers a step-change in how Data Centres operate by using sustainable forms of energy that will guarantee our ability to deliver services for the future.

Responding to some of the most pressing concerns of our age, coolDC foregrounds a commitment to environmental sustainability and decarbonising the economy. We do so by endeavouring to draw our power from clean energy sources, in turn enabling clients to meet their low-carbon targets. Additionally, we are committed to making our Data Centres work in the interests of the wider community, connecting cities, communities and regions through our infrastructures, products and services.

coolDC Services

We live in an increasingly digital world, where information technology is a key component in almost every business. Having effective, robust and secure systems in place can enable organisations – large and small – to achieve their goals. However, maintaining a compliant IT infrastructure can be a difficult task, diverting valuable resources away from core business.

With the help of trusted partners, coolDC has created an ‘ecosystem’ of IT business process solutions. Through this, we offer a flexible portfolio of high quality, managed products and services which can support business critical systems, while simultaneously facilitating cost-effectiveness and enhancing productivity.

coolDC Partners & Suppliers

We have put together a team of industry leading partners and suppliers who share our vision of creating a legacy for the future.

Rather than working in silos, we have developed a collaborative approach in encouraging each other to push the boundaries of innovation, enabling us to deliver bespoke solutions to meet clients’ business requirements.