About us

coolDC emerged as the vision of its CEO, Tim Chambers, who recognised the need for a step-change in how Data Centres operate.

We have an ethical commitment to utilizing more sustainable forms of energy, which will guarantee our ability to deliver services for the future.

Our Mission

coolDC aims to provide sustainable, energy efficient and demand driven IT solutions. While being bespoke to the needs of clients and the communities in which they are located, we offer a replicable business model with enhanced corporate social responsibility. Rather than producing a model restricted to towns and cities, our aim is to extend these benefits into the regions.

Our Vision

At coolDC, we want to design and build Data Centres for the future which not only respond to some of the most pressing concerns of our age – climate change, data security and connectivity – but to do so in ways which both harness and enhance existing infrastructures, are demand driven, and address the needs of as wide a range of communities and businesses as possible.

Our Strategy

We have assembled an impressive team of partners and suppliers who share our vision of extending what we can achieve within our individual specialisms. Rather than working in silos, we have developed a collaborative approach in encouraging each other to push the boundaries of innovation. Through our combined novel thinking, we want to make the Data Centre world more cool, leave a reduced carbon footprint, and provide a legacy that will benefit communities, businesses and future generations.