We believe that a smart, enthusiastic and agile team is the key to driving innovation.

Engaging young people whilst they are still in education is crucial to this process.

We have been working with the University of Lincoln to provide the next generation of engineers with an opportunity to experience at first hand some of the most exciting developments in the Data Centre industry.

For example, in 2018 we recruited UoL Computer Science Graduate, Kieran Brown, via our internship scheme. In June, Kieran will be joined by three more interns from Computer Science and Engineering following the completion of their finals.

We have also been working with the UoL’s College of Science to provide industrial placement opportunities to second year students. In July, two students will effectively be starting their careers a year early by spending their third year with us before completing their degrees.

As part of our selection process, we organised a trip to day 1 of Data Centre World, London. Here, students were able to meet some of our partners and suppliers and hear about what they are doing to help us make our data centres ‘more cool’.

They also had the opportunity to speak with representatives from the Infrastructure Masons and the Data Centre Alliance, who spoke about the talent gap in the industry and opportunities available for young people.