Connected Cities - connecting cities, regions and communities

Digital technologies are being harnessed to enable towns and cities to deliver key services in more cost effective ways. These can improve the planning, design and delivery of – for example – transportation systems, tourist information, infrastructure and buildings to create healthy, sustainable, resilient and prosperous places.

There is a growing global movement to promote the replicability of this connectivity model, with applications being developed that will enable data from different cities to be shared between each other. Such systems are dependent upon access to safe and reliable data storage and communication networks, offered as competitively priced solutions.

coolDC is an enabler of this by not only providing the platforms from which these applications and systems operate, but by offering protection through state of the art, round-the clock, logical security.

Additionally, at coolDC, we believe that the benefits of expanded and enhanced services should not be enjoyed exclusively by communities or businesses located in urban areas. We aim to utilise our network of Data Centres to facilitate improved access to information and communication systems into the regions. This will improve the access homes and businesses in rural communities have to broadband and digital services, services that are taken for granted by people in towns and cities.