Internet of Things - intelligent use of everyday devices

Merging physical, digital and virtual worlds to facilitate the emergence of intelligently connected environments, the Internet of Things (IoT) is considered an enabler of the next industrial revolution.

IoT offers multiple benefits to a range of interest groups. For businesses, it has the potential to underpin solutions that can improve decision-making, productivity and logistics across a range of sectors, including manufacturing and agriculture. Importantly, it has the potential to enhance the lives of consumers and communities; for example, in improving energy efficiency, security, health, education and transportation networks.

Successfully exploiting the full potential of IoT as a globally deployable model for improving business efficiency, productivity and quality of life is contingent upon the enhancement of existing mobile connectivity. coolDC contributes to this by providing the platform for new and existing technologies to operate from.

However, with innovation in how data can be harnessed and exchanged more effectively, there emerge specific challenges. In the context of IoT, these are principally concerned with matters of security, privacy and trust, none of which have been overlooked by coolDC.