Backup & Storage - providing peace of mind

Reliably protecting your data and systems in the event of a disaster.

Whether you require off-site storage for your data, or need to protect business critical systems against human error, a power spike, malicious attack, or an act of God, we have solutions to meet every business process need.

Outsourcing backup and storage can help mitigate against the risk of losing important systems and information in a number of ways. Firstly, your data will be more secure in a data centre where it will be protected by multiple layers of logical and physical security. Not only does this provide peace of mind concerning the routine storage of your data, but it also reduces the risk of file corruption in the event of needing to recover systems and processes from a backup.

We offer solutions that will run in the background, synchronizing everything that is important to you and your business without you having to give it a second thought.