Design & Build - environmentally sustainable designs

Built to EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Best Practices

Digitisation has – undoubtedly – transformed everyday life. Whether staying in touch with each other, making financial transactions, or streaming music or a film, all this relies on high density data processing.

As digital demands have grown, there has been a parallel increase in the number of data centres capable of meeting these requirements. Given that conventional data centres tend to be big, power-hungry, inefficient and generate large amounts of surplus heat that is usually released into the atmosphere, there has been increasing concern about the environmental footprint of the industry.

coolDC is committed to doing things differently. We design and build small, modular – more cost effective – Edge data centres that are closer to the end user. Because our solutions are IT-driven – matching the cooling environment to IT infrastructure requirements – this offers maximum energy efficiency. And, as our solutions allow us to operate at the upper end of the ASHRAE scale, this increases the possibility of repurposing surplus heat. Dependent on the possibilities and limitations of individual sites, we offer a range of options for recovering and reusing heat that would otherwise be wasted.

Please contact us to arrange a visit to our award-winning Lincoln Discovery Centre, an operational data centre with demonstration suite.