Aminah Hussain Software Engineer

Aminah graduated with a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Lincoln in 2019. She specialises in Software Engineering/Development.

From a young age, technology and IT were strong interests and, during her degree, Aminah worked on cloud computing, networking and software development.

Since joining coolDC, she has been able to further develop and enhance her skills through projects involving systems maintenance, including those assisting her colleagues working on IT-infrastructure, power and cooling.

Despite initially knowing very little about the data centre industry, Aminah has been able to learn more about how her skillset fits within it, and how they are likely to help shape its future, for example through the development of software-based data centres.  She is currently expanding her software development skills by creating a bespoke building management system to fit the innovative technology we are deploying.

Our vision and values were particularly important in attracting Aminah to work with us:

“With a ‘family feel’, coolDC is a company that is inclusive of people from all walks of life without making you feel like you’re merely ticking a checkbox. The company prides itself on being diverse and inclusive and this is something that rings true as they recruit from underrepresented groups, especially young people who lack knowledge or experience of the industry. Since starting work for coolDC, I’ve been able to gain both hands-on experience and certified – CDCTP – training which allow me to carry out my role effectively and confidently”.

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