Angela Meah Operations Director

Angela spent over 20 years in academic research, teaching and writing, during which she developed a flair for making complex ideas accessible to diverse audiences.

This experience – combined with having worked with national and international stakeholders from the public, commercial and voluntary sectors – uniquely positions her to develop coolDC’s marketing strategy and corporate identity, and to manage our partner and supplier relations.

Angela brings fresh eyes to the industry and recognises that, in order to meet some of the challenges it faces, it needs to become more diverse and inclusive. Because of this, she is working in partnership with the University of Lincoln to help secure a new talent pipeline. This is a strategy that will be carried forward as coolDC extends beyond Lincoln.

With an eye for detail, Angela is also responsible for developing and implementing our operational practices and procedures, including those relating to the ISOs we are working towards, and ensuring that the business operates both within operational best practices, and in a manner that is consistent with our vision and values.

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