Sophie Ridgeway Placement Student

Sophie is studying for a BSc (Hons) in Gaming Computing at the University of Lincoln.

She has opted to do an industrial placement as part of her degree to gain skills and knowledge in a professional work environment, in the technology sector.

The technology industry has played a large role in Sophie’s life ever since leaving high school. Instead of taking A-Levels, she opted to take a Level 3 BTEC in Information Technology to truly focus on developing her technology skills.

As Sophie is interested in the creative side of the technology industry, she is able to bring a creative flair to her projects. This has helped in both marketing what coolDC does, as well as developing valuable tools used for the running of our Lincoln Discovery Centre.

As a placement student, Sophie is on hand to help every member of our team. She has helped producing art work and sprites for our distinctive explainer videos and developed a client relationship management tool (CRM), as well as learning about and getting involved in tasks such as cabling and configuration and maintenance of equipment.

coolDC’s commitment to environmental sustainability was instrumental in why she chose us for her placement year:

We are the first generation that know we are destroying the planet and the last one that can do anything about it.’– Tanya Steele, Chief Executive WWF.

“This quote hit me hard. Being young, I don’t want to live in constant fear of how our world is going to change. It’s a constant fog of anxiety that is smothering our generation. Being able to work for a company that’s taking a stand against climate change is truly rewarding. It feels like I’m helping lift this fog for the next generation. There are those that question if a data centre is able to reduce its environmental footprint, but it can and the fact that coolDC has received awards for energy efficiency confirms this. coolDC is making a change. Can you?”

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