Tim Chambers CEO & Founder

With over 30 years’ experience of working in the data centre and allied industries, Tim is no stranger to the challenges it faces.

He has been vocal in his frustration concerning the industry’s reluctance to depart from the practice of designing and building inefficient data centres and has spent the last decade finetuning his vision of a more environmentally sustainable energy and cooling solution.

Tim brings to coolDC a unique combination of engineering technical knowledge and expertise, a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, and an understanding of the marketplace developed over a long career in Channel Management. Having secured significant investment in previous build projects, his passion, enthusiasm and knowledge enables Tim to inspire confidence across a range of stakeholders: from investors to partners, clients to suppliers.

Tim found himself working in the industry in his late teens, when he applied for a job for which he was too young and lacked experience. He was offered the position based on novelty value and has never looked back. Because of this, he is championing our strategy of encouraging a younger, more diverse workforce. Having been given a career-defining opportunity himself, Tim believes in the importance of providing young engineers of the future with the chance to acquire the much valued and sought after experience that employers seem to require, but rarely want to take the risk of providing to young people fresh from education.

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