Winners! Global DCD Awards 2019

 Saturday, December 7th, 2019      Posted in: News


Lincoln Discovery Centre Scoops Global DCD ‘Energy Smart’ Award!

With our partners – Asperitas and Rittal – coolDC® was delighted to receive the prestigious ‘Energy Smart’ award at the Global DCD Awards dinner, held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, on 5 December 2019.

The award recognises the world’s most energy-aware and innovative approaches to building sustainable digital infrastructure and our fellow finalists included Huawei, Digital Realty and Windcores.

For coolDC, being Energy Smart involves a combination of factors aimed at both improving overall energy efficiency whilst also re-imagining data centres as a source – and not just a user – of power. Built with the with the principal objectives of demonstrating reductions in energy and carbon footprints, our winning project – Lincoln Discovery Centre (LDC) – illustrates how both can be achieved via the intelligent deployment of what would otherwise be disparate technologies.

Eschewing traditional air-cooling in favour of liquid-based technologies, LDC utilises a combination of the most energy efficient cooling solutions in a design that facilitates a collectively more efficient output. In offering a hybrid of complementary cooling solutions to clients whose needs range from standard applications to high performance compute, this enables us to match cooling to IT infrastructure / application requirements. In short, the power we use is only what is required.

In tandem with this, our design for LDC includes the installation of a gas-powered CHP plant. The Association for Decentralised Energy estimates that approximately 7% of energy is lost during transmission and distribution from the grid. Generating energy on-site consequently reduces this risk, as well as ensuring that the power generated is regulated according to the requirements of the IT and cooling solutions it is matched with.

We believe that energy efficiency is only part of story, and that to be ‘energy smart’, we also need to create value from what would otherwise be wasted heat. In addition to operating at the upper end of the ASHRAE scale, we are deploying solutions which specifically increase the possibility of repurposing heat that would otherwise be wasted. By reusing heat recovered from Asperitas’s immersed cooling solution, this enables us to think in terms of carbon abatement and facilitate a conceptual shift from ‘energy consumption’, toward ‘energy production‘.

Having already been awarded CEEDA Gold for both Design & Operate, as well as a European Code of Conduct Award for energy efficiency, LDC has proved that data centres don’t need to be large and centrally located to pack a powerful IT-punch.

What an amazing end to the year! Congratulations and thank you to our dedicated, hard-working team who are every bit as committed to creating a step-change in the data centre industry as we are.


 Posted in: News      Written by: Angela Meah